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Fahrenheit Studio Designs and Re-brands Baker Avenue Asset Management's Corporate Financial Website

Features a fun, interactive rollover that reveals the real person/alter ego behind the financial advisor veneer

LOS ANGELES, CA—June 24, 2010—Fahrenheit Studio, a new media design and 21st century branding firm, today announced its design and re-branding of another popular investment management site, Baker Avenue Asset Management.

Fahrenheit Studio worked to focus Baker Avenue’s message on its smarter, safer approach to growing and preserving wealth. It is a message that resonates with investors who’ve been hammered by recent market volatility and are seeking a smarter way to invest for the future.

Robert Weitz, Fahrenheit Studio's co-director, says they also sought to differentiate Baker Avenue from other wealth management firms by allowing the new Web redesign to humanize its personnel. Casual photos and tidbits about the firm’s management team are revealed in an alter-ego rollover on the site's "Our Firm" section.

"In order to build a Web presence that pulls people in, creates a community, and encourages interactive communication, you have to establish trust and credibility," Weitz explains. "We did this by emphasizing the humanity of these advisors. They’re not just incredibly smart investment managers. They're also fun people with hobbies and families, and they understand the personal financial goals of their clients."

More than just a Web site redesign, Fahrenheit Studio created a comprehensive new media approach to online marketing and branding, which delivers a strong, recognizable, and lead generating Web presence for Baker Avenue. From the very first home page animation, visitors experience a consistent correlation to the "invest smart" theme.

Also included are white papers and Webinars, as well as an extensive video library of clips that the firm’s CIO, King Lip, has aired on CNBC. The Web site is visually alive, easy to use and understand, and has helped Baker Avenue distinguish itself from its pinstriped competitors.

About Fahrenheit Studio
Fahrenheit Studio is a Los Angeles-based new media design firm founded in 1995 by Robert Weitz and Dylan Tran. The firm specializes in branding and Web development for boutique financial professional sites, such as Navellier & Associates and WrapManager. The firm previously built its reputation designing high-concept Web sites for music industry clients, including Virgin Records, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, The Rolling Stones, Korn, and Ben Harper. For more information visit:

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"We first approached Fahrenheit a year ago, following a period of rapid growth and change, including the acquisition of another company. We recognized that we needed to build strong internal and external brand awareness. Fahrenheit took the time to get to know our business, our employees and our customers. They helped us develop a unified brand message, an exciting new visual identity, and a clear strategy for moving forward. The rebrand has been a huge success across the board—from employees to customers. It's revived our image as a fun, innovative, and user-friendly company. The message we're sending finally matches the way we see ourselves."

—Matt McLellan, President, Evisions, Inc.

"Fahrenheit Studio helped with our investment firm’s brand message and website. They were recommended to us by a friend who noticed our struggles in finding the right marketing agency. We knew we had been steered in the right direction from the first meeting. Fahrenheit was able to quickly fulfill our marketing needs, bringing strong design with compelling and unique content. They were always responsive and frequently went above and beyond what we had asked. We would strongly recommend Fahrenheit in the future."

—Jason Scott, Chief Operating Officer, L&S Advisors

"We turned to Fahrenheit Studio for a modern rebrand of our platform, and to better engage with our user base. Fahrenheit really took the time to understand our managed futures business and what users needed from the services we provided. It was a very thoughtful process to build a lasting brand and user experience, and best of all they did it within our budget. The entire Fahrenheit team was courteous, conscientious, and very enjoyable to work with."

—JonPaul Jonkheer, Executive Vice President, IASG, Inc.

"Fahrenheit's design transformed us from a financial firm into a global brand. We look bigger and work better. Our new web presence now helps drive the other aspects of our business, making our customer interaction more efficient and effective. Importantly, when people reach us, we have more clout."

—JJ Burns, CEO, JJ Burns & Company

"Fahrenheit Studio has really come through for Virgin Records. They consistently hit their deadlines while managing to deliver extremely high-quality, gorgeous artist websites within budget. Bringing Fahrenheit into our online branding process has met with acclaim from both the artists, managers and executive staff at EMI."

—Jesse Kanner, Director of New Media, Virgin Records

"Fahrenheit Studio helped us to formulate a strategy and execute it from soup to nuts. The results were stunning: We grew from $2 billion to $5 billion AUM; newsletter grew from 20,000 to 80,000 readers. We also launched a campaign that brought in 300 accredited investor leads in the first few hours, resulting in more than $35 million in new business."

—Patrick O'Connor, Marketing Director, Navellier & Associates

"Fahrenheit Studio is a pleasure to work with and they have delivered outstanding results for our e-commerce property The entire project from concept to delivery was co-ordinated between India and LA and executed flawlessly without a single face to face meeting."

—Jawad Ayaz, CEO,

"Fahrenheit Studio came up with a complete branding and communications strategy that has helped me expand my online presence, update my image, and connect with my readers in better ways. They did everything from designing the Mauldin logo and building the website to revamping my newsletters. I encourage you to contact them and see what they can do for you."

—John Mauldin, President, Mauldin Companies

"Fahrenheit Studio knows what it takes to build a brand, and helped us achieve remarkable brand equity for Lessonlab in less than 5 years. They did this by constantly working to align our look and feel with our mission. I know of no other design team that can work effectively on such a diversity of projects."

—James Stigler, CEO, Lessonlab, Inc.

"The Fahrenheit team is one of the true treasures of the design world. Their expertise goes well beyond any ordinary firm. With a wide range of skills and expertise they can help their clients with both conceptual and business concepts. From design, to websites, marketing, branding, one would be hard pressed to find one company that would have such a wide range of both skills and talents."

—Eric Garcia, Owner, 48 Windows Music & Mix

"Fahrenheit Studio has invigorated our brand, created an interactive online community, significantly improved the return on investment of our SEO marketing budget, created a qualified lead generation engine to drive our sales efforts, and provided tremendous enhancements to our client retention management."

—Gabriel F. Burczyk, CEO, WrapManager, Inc.